Stoneburner Artifact Series – Lobby & Dining Room Floor Tiles – Part Two

Take a look down as you step into stoneburner and check out the bold contrast of burgundy, cream, and charcoal-black that stands out in the decorative tiles covering the floor. A lotta work (and a li’l luck) went into the aged look of the floor.
These tiles were custom made in a style is based on the historic, traditional look of sicilian ceramic flooring. Though they look old, they were actually manufactured last year. When we were finishing the build-out for the restaurant, the contractor installing the tile had difficulty with the charcoal-black grout, which kept smudging the red and ivory colors on the tile. Not awesome.
But then we took a step back and realized that the smudging actually lent some patina to our brand new floor – we really loved the fact that it made the floor look broken-in instead of brand new. Instant character!
Sometimes what appears to be a blemish ends up being an improvement on the original. James and deming are particularly adept at putting artifacts from disparate backgrounds together in a way that makes them feel of-a-piece. The grout smudge on the tiles was a lucky coincidence that helped to tie in the older artifacts nearby – the swivel stools from a new york city railroad station at the kitchen counter, the hammer-pounded glass salvaged from a sherman tank factory in upstate new york, the old school chairs in the dining room, the huge tuscan mirror that hangs to the left of the kitchen counter. All of these pieces bear the marks of decades – centuries in some cases – of use. They have the timeless lived-in look of old things built to last. We like to think they bring some of what once was into our space.
We’ll be writing more about these items and their stories, in addition to other pieces that have stories to tell about places as far-flung as buenos aires, paris, the new york times building, even an amish schoolhouse built in wisconsin in 1903.
More soon!


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