Stoneburner Artifact Series – Rolex Clock In The Bar – Part Three

Ours is a local restaurant with an intentionally timeless feel – it has elements that are a little bit aged and even historic, alongside modern fixtures and a brand new building. This artifact series will offer a little bit more to the story behind stoneburner and highlight some pretty cool elements of our space.


In part three of the stoneburner artifact series, we’re zooming in on the beautiful clock above the bar. Some of the elements of the restaurant jump right out at you, others will only catch your notice on a later return visit to the restaurant. The rolex clock is one of those less-immediately-noticeable items. Despite its brilliant gilded face, the timepiece tends to blend into its setting above the bar.
The famous clock and watchmaker rolex made the clock, circa 1940. Before it took its place above stoneburner’s bar, the clock was housed in a historic bank in new york city.
Intricately carved embellishments of vines, leaves and ornaments draw the eye to the clock face, which is set in a perfectly round, carved frame. The face of the timepiece features basic numeric elements with patterned flourishes printed around them. Simple hour and minute hands with slender points count the time with the quality of precision that is characteristic of rolex craftsmanship.
When you’re next in ballard for lunch, dinner or just drinks, pop on by for a look at the clock while you enjoy your meal!


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